Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Der heutige Post ist nur in Englisch - sorry!!

O.K. here is the deal: If you have anything out in this world that you like - write about it, link up and we will all come to read and comment!! How cool is that!!

Well my favourite of the day is

I know that is weird, but honestly I have never met such a fun, helpful, interesting person in my internet life before. When I started blogging a while ago I thought it would be nice to share my quilting and sewing and maybe even a bit of my life with the outside world - better with the rest of Germany. Soon I realized that there are far too many english speaking bloggers out there and  I decided to write my posts in two languages. Soon after that I got to meet Shay. I was always worried whether my english was good enough, or if anybody was even interested in me writing in two languages. That´s when I met Shay.
She told and thaught me a lot about life in Australia, about quilting there, I learned what OP-shopping is and I found out that there is a vast amount of food in Australia that I learned to love while living in the US.
We started to send emails back and forth, called each other on Skype- where the connection is usually so bad that I actually can feel/hear the ocean between us.
Shay has helped me through a real hard time with my son, comforting me and giving me strenghth to go on.
And she always, always makes me laugh. Each and every post I read is funny yet thoughtful.
Girl you should write books!!!
Thanks for being a wonderful friend, even if you are half a world away. And one day - I know it - I will get to meet you in real life!!

To all of you out there: This doesn´t mean that I don´t care about you too....I´ve gotten to be really fond of all the sweet comments and helpful tipps I get from each and every one out there. And i love reading all your blog posts everyday! Thanks to you too!!


thea hat gesagt…

Thanks for the great FTF! Shay is special, isn't she!

Karin hat gesagt…

Und ohne www. wär das nie möglich gewesen! Einfach super, wenn sich aus einer Internet-Bekannschaft eine solche Freundschaft entwickelt! Der post ist sooo schön geschrieben, man merkt, dass es von Herzen kommt.

Pegasus4u hat gesagt…

So kommt Eins zum Anderen... man meldet sich in einem Forum an... wird zu einem Blogger und dann steht einem die ganze Welt offen *lach*
Hey es ist doch wunderschön, so einen bessonderen Menschen gefunden zu haben - wenn alles stimmig ist.
Ich freu mich für Dich :) und wünsch Dir noch gaaaanz viele solcher tollen Momente, in denen ihr gemeinsam Lachen und Weinen könnt... und dass du sie mal hautnah erleben kannst :))))

Helsie hat gesagt…

What a lovely FTF post ( and I must tell you your English is terrific you clever girl ). I agree Shay is a special person- warm and very funny. We are very lucky to live in a world where we can make these new friends all over the world.

Baa-Me Kniits hat gesagt…

I have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, that is so nice and Yes Shay is super special isn't she. Wonderful FTF :-)

Amanda hat gesagt…

Shay is pretty cool isn't she. And it is wonderful to make friends from around the globe and find kindred sprits wherever our mouse may roam.

susan hat gesagt…

What a great ode to Shay. She really is a wonderful person, isn't she?!

Marg hat gesagt…

I can definitely say Shay is special. Very special.
If it wasn't for Shay I don;t think most of use would ever get to know each other.
A wonderful FTF Kirsten.

Michelle Ridgway hat gesagt…

I agree with you Shay is a one of a kind..your English is great and I love catching up on a Friday with you away across the ocean.
Blessings Michelle

Diary of a Flutter.Kat hat gesagt…

That's a lovely FTF! I also agree that Shay is wonderful! Her posts always bring a smile to my face & a chuckle to my heart. And as a first time visitor here I am extremely impressed with your English!!!

Mistea hat gesagt…

Shay sure is special. Fantastic Favourite.

Shay hat gesagt…

I'm great at dishing out compliments but not so good about taking them ...

I'm completely humbled by your post Kirsten. I had to re-read it about 8 times to make sure you were actually talking about me! Thankyou.

Our friendship goes both ways :)

I cant tell you how weird it is to comment on myself!

Thank you to everyone else for their lovely comments too. (Wow if you guys only knew me in REAL life!)

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