Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

15 Minuten Update!!

Jaja..das war die Sache mit den Vorsätzen und den nicht eingetretenen Resulaten. Zu deutsch: ich habe NIX getan!! O.k. ich habe am Muttertag ein kleines bischen gestrickt und gestern ein paar Anleitungen ausgedruckt. Das war´s...leider!
Hier könnt ihr gucken, ob die anderen erfolgreicher waren.

Well no news is not always good news. I didn´t really do anything this week, except for a little bit of knitting on Sunday and printing and tracing some patterns last night. Sorry...but that was all I could manage....
Check out Kate´s blog to see if anybody else was more successful.


thea hat gesagt…

We all have those weeks.. maybe next week will be better.

Shay hat gesagt…

I am coming to believe that we all have weeks where real life intrudes and we just dont feel like being crafty. I had a week like that last wee too. I wonder if it's because the weather here got freezing all of a sudden. I just want to rug up on the lounge and stare mindlessly into space.

Hope this week is better for you!

QuiltSue hat gesagt…

I hope you're OK though, even if you're not managing to do anything crafty?

Marg hat gesagt…

I agree we all have those weeks, some (me) more than others. I have been doing lots lately but this week so far - nothing. I haven't touched the sewing machine since Sunday and it's now Wednesday night, and I'm busy tomorrow and going away for the weekend!
Printing and tracing patterns takes time, so you have been doing something.

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