Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Drei am Donnerstag No 37/ Three on Thursday

1. Welche Süßigkeit kann deiner Figur gefährlich werden?
Schokolade und Gummibärchen; nur der Gedanke daran läßt mich drei Pfund mehr wiegen.
2. Wie siehst du dich auf alten Fotografien?
Hm..kommt drauf an wie alt. Meistens jedoch super schlank...

3. Würdest du ein Jahr lang jede Nacht Albträume ertragen, wenn du danach ein Vermögen bekämst?

Every Thursday Kerstin from asks three questions and some of us go ahead and answer these. This way you can find out some more about yourself, and the person on the blog.
Go ahead and join us if you like. Just klick on her blog, grab the Stones Picture and answer the questions. Here are mine for today:

1. Which kind of Sweets can be dangerous for your figure?
Chocolate and Gummi bears (but only the ones from Haribo)

2. How do you see yourself in old fotografies?
Usually very nice and skinny...

3. Would you except nightmares for a year, if you would get a fortune afterwards?

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Cheryll hat gesagt…

This is a unique idea. Sounds like fun...and I agree with you...I wouldn't want nightmares no matter how much was offered!

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